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I have always lived by the motto “The earlier you save for retirement, the earlier you can retire”

Here’s a scenario for you .

You are in your twenty’s or maybe your thirties and you have a mortgage or rent to pay, school clothes for the children, two cars, insurance, food to eat, and don’t forget about the Michael Kors Pocketbook that you must have, or the latest video game out there. We tend to live our lives on a day to day basis, with no accounting for the future. At that age you think you are invincible, we all did, it is not a condemnation of youth it is just the way it is! The next thing you know you are in your mid 50’s, eeking out a living, no savings, no retirement savings and you start to wonder will you be the next Walmart Greeter at 75, and maybe have to work till you drop dead!

Sounds Scary Right?….But I come across this situation each and every day, it is like the old expression that one can’t see the forest for the trees. Sounds a little blunt, but sometimes we need to speak without sugar coating things to realize that one may have to wake up and change their situation. The future will soon be the present, it gets here faster than you think, believe me, i remember when my daughter Michelle was born, that was 32 years ago and it seems like yesterday!

So what are we to do ?

We need to put a plan into place. We need not to put off for tomorrow what we can do today, everyday we wait the longer it takes to achieve our goals, that’s a fact!

As a  Financial Planners I can meet with you, assess your situation, because every situation is different, work out a plan for you to follow, and most important of all assist you in implementing the plan. I review your goals and investment choices on an on-going basis, its what I do, believe it or not we are in this together.

I want to see everyone achieve their goals with how little or how abundant their finances are. All it takes is for you to take the first step, gives a call or make an appointment online and we can schedule you for a confidential consultation. …Remember our consultation’s are always free, pick our brains, you have nothing to lose!

Peter DeChristopher



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