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For many months I have been writing about the European Banking system that it is in the toilet. Man I hate being right all the time ! The evening of Brexit i predicted Italy’s banking system is on the verge of collapse and Deutsche Bank was going to need to be bailed out. All of the countries that are part of the European Union have given up their Sovereignty and allowed a handful of Elites out of Brussels to make decisions for all of Europe. All of you reading this in Europe know what I an talking about. England is the only European Country with the guts to leave that dysfunctional system, I salute them.

The decisions coming out of Governments all over the world have turned political, it’s not whats in the best interest of a particular country, it seems the decisions are what is in the best interests of the Elites and what they decide is politically correct, and we are suppose buy their crap, and we shouldn’t disagree with them or we will labeled racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, and anything else they can throw at us . The European Economic system does not work …period. Common sense has nothing to do with how many degrees one has, take an example of President Obama. He was in awe with Europe, he tried to change our way of life to reflect what he thought we should be, a lot like them. He should have put the interests of America and it’s people first, but he didn’t, he governed on ideology, a bad idea, and our country is paying the political price with the new Administration having obstructionism on everything that are trying to accomplish by the minority party. The ends doesn’t necessarily justify the means, it’s either right or wrong, there are not grey areas! ok enough bloviation, lets move on.

Lets look at the facts, in Germany Commerzbank AG and Deutsche Bank combined will have losses on shipping loans to the tune of about 946 million Euros. HSH Nordic Bank is racing to find a buyer or face liquidation because of massive losses on shipping related debt.Two weeks ago Italy’s four largest banks posted financial numbers that are questionable at best for the last quarter of 2016. The Italian Government bailed out Banca Monte Del Paschi de Sienna in December after the lender failed to secure 5 Billion Euros from private investors to stay afloat. Last thursday UniCredit, which is Italy’s largest bank by assets posted a 13.6 billion Euro Dollar loss due to soured loans. Who is making the decisions on these loans initially? Educated idiots with lots of degrees and no common sense? And why should Governments get involved in private business? All they do is screw them up even more, and cost the taxpayers billions of dollars to boot, once again a few stupid people in high places making decisions for the many!

The entire world is a bay because President Trump believes in putting the interests of America first, and world leaders are taken it back because the prior Administration put the interests of America last, in my opinion. The European model to economics he tried to instill is a failure, just look at the numbers in the last paragraph.

By putting our Country first it will benefit the entire world by increasing our economic output, which will benefit everyone worldwide, our reinforced military can keep terrorism from spreading and hopefully eradicate it all together. It will bring much needed employment back to America since so many manufacturing and customer service positions have been lost to India, Southeast Asia and Mexico. Putting the interests of our Country first and keeping us safe is the first and foremost job of the President of the United States, along with not following in the footsteps of an ailing European culture.

You know i call it as I see it, it’s either right or wrong, right is what is in our best interests, wrong is putting every other country ahead of ourselves. You wouldn’t put strangers ahead of your family, would you? But that is what has been done to us in the last eight years in the White House, in my opinion. We need a change of direction it is time the many benefit instead of the few.

Peter DeChristopher



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