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The European Union (E.U.) by definition was formed in 1993 for the purpose of achieving political and economic integration throughout all of Europe. Forming the E.U. was a group of 28 nations with one big exception……Switzerland. Being one of the richest nations in the world and smart enough to be neutral through two World Wars, they put their own interests first. How unusual in this world of political correctness. The E.U. was to ensure the so called four freedoms, the movement of goods, services, people and money.

So how’s that working out for them ?

Ok let’s start with the Global Financial Market Collapse of 2008. The European Central Bank (ECB) has struggled with the very high Sovereign debt, because of this we saw collapsing growth in Portugal, Ireland, Spain and especially Greece. In 2009 Spain had an unemployment rate of about 15%, that they admitted to, and told their citizens to find work they should look out of the country….so sad. Portugal and Greece in 2011 were bailed out by the European Central Bank (ECB) and for Greece it was their second time. The ECB had multiple interest rate cuts which failed to solve the problem. Germany the United Kingdom and the Netherlands resented the financial drain of those countries and tried to force Greece out of the Union but failed because it was not covered by the Maastricht treaty which was the treaty to integrate Europe…..what a mess !

The final phase of the agreement was to initiate and adopt a single European Currency, which became the (EURO) in place of the former national currencies. Which they all did with the exception of the United Kingdom and Denmark. That was the smartest move those countries made.So you have 28 different countries, with 28 different economies and 28 different currencies all with different valuations. So how was this suppose to work ? Was it really very thought out ? In 2012, twelve of the twenty eight countries agreed to a common monetary policy. This was implemented to try to stabilize the exchange rate, it was like putting a bandaid on an amputation. But the kicker is that each country lost their Sovereignty. They lost to right to make decisions from trade to immigration, especially immigration control which in the end is why the United Kingdom in June of 2016 by referendum withdrew from the European Union. We all remember Brexit ! With Brexit coming in the near future the United Kingdom will be once again a Sovereign nation and will not have to answer to the E.U. and the elites who have complete control of it out of Brussels, who think they know whats best for all of Europe.

the European Union real is a sinking ship, it’s economy seems unsalvageable, and countries that are fairing well have been getting unfair pressure to bail out the ailing countries, does that seem fair to you ? Hey one for all and all for one…..just one big unhappy family!

President Obama was a big proponent of the European economy and tried to model our economy on their structure…..All I can say is thank God he’s gone! But the damage he inflicted will be felt for many years to come by political correctness rum amok.

So come 2018 keep your eyes on Scotland, rumor has it they are considering a referendum to obtain independence from the United Kingdom. If they do go that route one can only hope they give the E.U. the boot, if not, why bother.

Peter DeChristopher

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