The last seven years working with elderly veterans who need assisted living has opened my eyes to the fact about aging,  getting old will get costly. Chances are that one in three of us will at some time in our lives will need assisted living. The cost of assisted living is expensive and depending on the amount of care you require the price rises quickly.

The Tucson market prices for assisted living average $2500 to $3500, all inclusive, food prep, maid service, all utilities,etc. Than if you have disabilities which need assistance with the activities of daily living lets say you need help with bathing and dressing, this would be considered level one care the price tag  for this can range from $550 to $800. Most facility’s have three tiers, each tier reflects the persons  need with progressing  disabilities. A person who needs memory care is usually a tier three this could add $2000 to the base price.

Today we have insurance for our cars, home,appliances,pets and our health etc. The costs I stated above are pretty steep $55,000 yearly, This is today 2016 and your a healthy fifty something and assisted living for you may be say thirty five years in the future and it probably will bum you out thinking about being a very senior citizen who will require assisted living.

The solution here is getting long term care insurance at this fifty something time of your life so you can take advantage of preferred rates which can make long term care planning very affordable. Fourteen years ago I was the top selling long term care agent at the New York Life Tucson office. I will be happy to meet with you and build an affordable care plan to fit your individual needs. Call me today Roger J Bartz   520-975-0057

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