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Sssshhhhhhhh……quiet im listening

Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Never before in modern history  have we had a non-lawyer billionaire business man as the leader of the free world. Expect a different approach to how Government is run, with Government i expect to move at lightning speed, instead of a pace that needed embalming as it has been in the past, with Republicans having a majority in the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Since the election Of President Trump the stock market has shown significant gains on consumer sentiment in anticipation of the of the agenda he has proposed as a candidate  to be implemented, but has slowed as of lately as the confirmation process of his appointees sit before Congress awaiting approval.

So what’s an investor do ?   ………. good question!

Investing in anything other than bank CD’S which are FDIC insured, involves risk of principle because all other investments are not FDIC insured. Stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, we can go on and on all have degrees of risk, some more than others. Remember there is the risk reward factor, the higher the risk the greater the reward….or the risk loss factor depending which side of the equation you happen to be on at any given time. In my humble opinion …lol….politics plays a significant role in how all markets react, the decisions of the few affect the lives of the many. Is that a fair assessment?

The last few years politics have changed the way i approach investing. Forget about charts and graphs, moving averages, buy and sell points, we have graduated to the age of LISTENING……in my opinion. Listening to what you may ask? Everything in this day and age seems to involve politics. Big business, the environment, fair trade etc… and we have to listen to what this new President says, analyze his words, and add it to our investment strategy. He is a business man who waits for no one, and I anticipate he will run the Government the same way so expect sectors of the markets to react quickly to his actions in either a positive or negative way.

The listening method did not work with President Obama who’s words had virtually no impact on the markets except for the health care industry, and it is not the usual strategy i would use in choosing investments in the past, but times have changed dramatically and quickly with this Presidential election. The two major political parties have become so divided and vengeful toward each other they have to put aside their agendas and put the interest of our country and it’s people first, another words they are practicing tyranny, not good. In the NOW is the most important thing to listen to what is coming out of Washington and to anticipate what actions the words we hear will cause. Does that make sense?

Almost seems like a full time job to me .

After listening to President Trump for almost two years on what he proposes to do to our economy we can look for movements in virtually all sectors of the markets in the coming months, we have already have seen big movements in private prison and infrastructure stocks, pharmaceuticals, and many more sectors will be affected one way or the other. Remember LISTEN, then research, but don’t wait too long words can change in an instant.

Now you know my little investment strategy, a little listening can go a long way in bringing monetary returns, or not. like in love ….timing is everything………Happy investing.

Peter DeChristopher




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