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Success isn’t luck. It is a matter of desire, attitude, education and drive, this is the world according to how I see it anyway. Being in the business world for forty years I have seen them come and go, more go then come. The business world has changed dramatically over the years, with the integration of computers, the internet, smart phones etc. But the ways to achieve success have basically remained the same, according to Investors  Business Daily the following are the traits that can turn dreams into reality

  1. How we think is everything:  Always try to be positive, always think of success, not failure, we have to look at a glass half full not half empty. It is important to beware of the negative environment, we don’t need negative people in our lives and especially in our business.
  2. You decide on your dreams and goals:  Start with a business plan, write them down, set specific goals and develop a plan to achieve them realistically.
  3. Take action:  Achieving your goals is nothing without a plan of action, you cannot be afraid to get started, just go ahead and do it, Winston Churchill said it best “you have nothing to fear but fear itself”
  4. Never stop learning:  It took me a long time to figure this one out, education is one of the largest parts of success, go back to school, get as much training as you can and always try to acquire new skills, hey I am a college student again at 58 years old, see an old dog can learn new tricks.
  5. Persistence and hard work:  Success is a marathon not a sprint, nothing happens overnight, be persistent and never, ever give up.
  6. Learn to analyze details:  Get all the facts, all the details and all the input you can, nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes, but it is important to learn from our mistakes so we do’t repeat them again.
  7. Focus your time and money:  Do not let people and other factors distract you from your goals, Its easy to lose your way, try to keep on the strait and narrow.
  8. Don’t be afraid to be different: Innovation is the way to lead, if you follow the crowd it is a sure way to mediocrity.
  9. Deal and communicate with people effectively:  No one is an island all by themselves, learn to understand and motivate others it will add to your success.
  10. Be honest and dependable and take responsibly for yourself otherwise 1 through 9 wont matter.                                                                                   So there you have it, the ten secrets to success, what you do with it is up to you. Here at the Senior Planning Group of Southern Arizona we try to assist you in achieving your goals and making them a reality, i know if we put our heads together there is nothing we cannot achieve. Remember most important is to be true to yourself, cause in the end you are all that you have.


Peter DeChristopher

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