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Could President Trump be the new Superman? He seems to be implementing his agenda faster then any Administration I have seen in my lifetime. He needs to, and I will tell you why!

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for the full year of 2016 was a dismal 1.6%, which is pathetic! Our country has not had 3% GDP growth since 2005, that’s almost twelve years of hardly any economic growth what so ever, and Congress’s spending over the last eight years has amassed a total debt of over twenty trillion dollars, both political parties are responsible for this chaos, and someone has to reign in the spending, they are out of control. Inflation was just calculated by the Fed at 1.3% which excludes food and energy, …..wait a minute, the Fed is being totally dishonest with us the American consumer when they exclude food and energy in the inflation calculation…food and energy are the basis of inflation! Besides our mortgage or rent payments food and energy are the largest bills we pay, now you can include healthcare premiums in the mix. Healthcare costs are not even considered in the equation, which can be more expensive than your mortgage and rent payments, and 25% to 115% increases this year in healthcare premiums were across the board. ¬†Are the prices of food, gas and healthcare going down in price?…..I think not! Another reason not to trust whats coming out of Washington.

One of the biggest controversies of the previous Administration has been the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. The Trump Administration has green lighted both pipelines through Executive Orders which will allow crude oil from Canada to be transported by the pipelines to the United States, which will create an estimated twenty eight thousand jobs, and should make the transportation of that crude oil cheaper and more important safer to transport. The reason the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party are opposing the pipelines has nothing to do with environmental issues, it has to do with their biggest supporter and benefactor….Warren Buffet! He, through his corporation Berkshire Hathaway own the railway the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, which has been transporting the crude oil from Canada to the United States, especially from the Bakken, now that the pipeline will be used once completed he may lose millions of dollars, and he likes to invest in railroads, currently to the tune of about forty two billion dollars, So he has a lot of money riding on it. Too bad Warren, I don’t feel a bit sorry for you! You along with the Democratic Party could be honest with the American People that it’s all about the money for you, and the Democrat Party is trying to protect their biggest supporter and one of their largest donors, instead of hiding behind the environment which would be a just cause if it were only true. Lower prices in crude oil should keep the prices of goods in check so transportation costs do not add to the prices of consumer goods, and should give all Americans more money in their wallets to spend on other things like food and clothing for their children.

So how do we increase GDP?

Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the U.S, economy five years into a recovery has shown very little growth, the statistics from the Fed i have just shown you proves just that. The Gross Domestic Product is made up of three sides of the economy, which are expenditure, output and income, and those could be broken down even further to really confuse you. Ok example time, If you have a product that everyone wants to buy, you have demand, which will increase production of that product, and ideally you will have higher income from brisk sales…get it …simple but exact.

Our country needs to export more goods then it imports and President Trump is trying to do exactly that by having manufactures make their products here in America not overseas or in Mexico by giving them certain tax breaks and easing regulations on how they do business. Adding Tariffs to imported goods will add additional price increases from goods coming from other countries therefore making goods manufactured in the U.S. less expensive to buy domestically….theoretically!

Currency manipulation especially from China has hurt our exports, so if our dollar is stronger then the Chinese Wan our goods and more expensive to buy in China and overseas, and you add the tariffs that China imposes on our good imported to them and it’s not even close. That is why China wants to manipulate their currency to keep it depressed so the prices of their products stay cheaper in the United States and make it harder for our country to compete globally, does this make sense to you now?

We can only succeed on sound policies, in our homes, our businesses and especially in our government. Put aside the political rhetoric and take a deep breath……………. feel better……………. make decisions financially based on where you anticipate our economy to excel, and stay away from where you think it will falter. We are only human, well some of us anyway. Remember research….research….research, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, think logically before you make a decision. I said it before you have to listen to what is being said from the White House, but try to keep ip with this President, he is faster then a speeding bullet.

Happy Investing

Peter DeChristopher






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