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President Trump has been in office three weeks, but in all fairness he has been working for the American People since he won the Presidential election in the beginning of November of last year, piecing together his administrative staff and setting policies for the future of our Country. President Trump’s attitude is America First, and everyone else down on the list., sort of the way people feel about their own family. I reference my words in that way because most of us put our family first, and everything else come after that, in my opinion, I could be wrong….but I am usually right! I started the article specifically this way so you look at the policies being set by him and the method behind his madness so to speak, and how our economy should be affected by his actions.

Let my start with unemployment. Our economy added 227,000 new jobs in January according to the Fed, and supposedly the unemployment rate stayed steady at 4.8%, which we all know is a truly bogus number, if we include the under-employed, the unemployed who are no longer collecting benefits and those who stopped looking for work the number is closer to 15%. but adding that many jobs in such a short period of time when Wall St. estimates were 175,000 jobs is a good indicator of what to expect in the near future. Remember businesses don’t hire unless they expect growth! Ok does the President deserve the credit? ┬áIn this case yes he does!

Americans will feel his economic policies by cutting the marginal tax rates from seven to three, and the corporate tax rate which is now at 35%, and the highest in the world to be cut somewhere between 15% and 20%, now that is a stimulus plan! Tat should bring companies and manufacturing jobs back to America, In the weeks leading up to his inauguration President Trump met with the CEO’S of, Alibaba, Was-Mart, General Motors and many other company executives who have announced agressive hiring plans here in America, and he was not even sworn into office yet.Talk about a work ethic!

Here are the most recent stats, manufacturing employment rose 5,000 jobs for the month, and government jobs with the President’s hiring freeze and by attrition, and not replacing workers when the retire fell by 10,000 jobs, making the size of Government smaller, less bureaucrats, also called draining the swamp! This should lead to a more efficient, less intrusive Federal Government. Part time jobs fell by 490,000, a sign that the part time economy may be nearing it’s ending a full time economy may be taking over, with full time employment hitting a record high in January rising 457,000 jobs in a month and 124.705 million working Americans. That is exactly what our Country needs, while one month does not make an economic recovery, it is a good start for better things to come.

With all this happening the Dow Jones Industrials broke through 20,000. This sent the Economic Optimism Index above the 50 neutral level for a fifth straight month, after signaling pessimism for seventeen months from May 2015 through September 2016. The Economic Optimism Index is a composite index of three major sub-indexes that track the views of near term economic prospects, the outlook personal finances over the coming six months, and the views of how well policies of government are working.

What a difference an Administration makes, one which is working on sound economic policies not on ideology. So why is the country so divided? I don’t get it . On what grounds are the basing their distaste of our current Administration on ? Is the safety and sound economic policies which benefit our own country first, not our first priority? It’s either that or we will become a country thats unrecognizable to the rest of the world, and that would be disastrous for everybody worldwide………Something to think about.

Peter DeChristopher



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