Investing in any of the markets has to be considered a long term commitment. the markets are too volatile, especially in this day and age with all the disarray happening in the world. There is the threat if ISIS, the price of crude oil, nations in collapse, the European Union falling apart and so on, i can go on a rant for days on this.! Remember traditionally the markets have outpaced the banks and inflation, but the ups and downs we see the markets do on a daily basis are considered normal market volatility based on all of the above and about a million other factors. Taking all of that into consideration it is almost impossible to time the markets, we just have to select our investment choices and hold on for the ride!

Being most of us are considered small investors, you and I trading 100 shares of stock or putting 50 dollars a month in an IRA does not affect the markets as a whole considering billions of shares exchange hands every day. The majority of the trading volume in the markets are institutional, mutual funds, you know that 401K contribution you make when you get paid, hedge funds, brokerage firms trading for their own account, and they buy and sell hundreds of thousands of shares at a time….now that affects the markets!

Keeping your investments in line with your investment strategy is a continuous process, and one that has to be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Regardless of what the markets are doing it is always a prudent strategy to stay the course through all of the ups and downs, in the long run hopefully you will come out ahead, they say time heals all wounds, hopefully they are right.

One last thing to consider, we as human beings procrastinate making decisions, not just investment decisions but decisions of all kinds, the longer you put off till tomorrow what you could have done today makes it harder to achieve your goals in the time frame needed…..just saying…

Peter DeChristopher

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