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Final Expense Planning- The Taboo Topic

Death- is there anything more final?

I hate doom and gloom, but I am a realist and death happens to us all, sooner or later hopefully later then sooner. I recently read an article in Drudge that stated since the beginning of mankind it is estimated that 100 billion people have died, that’s a lot of people. In this day and age it seems like it is the only guarantee left. So here are some hard facts on why we need to be prepared for the worst.

Death is inevitable, and we are seldom prepared for the flurry of emotions that accompanies the death of a family member or a friend. Grief, confusion and shock are typical reactions to the news of a loved ones passing. In the midst of all this confusion comes a myriad of decisions that must be made and they must be made then and now.

What kind of funeral service should be held?

Will it be in Arizona or in their original state of origin?

Is their request to be interned or cremated?

And most important HOW MUCH WILL IT ALL COST?

To avoid the turmoil that can endure when a loved one dies, many people are choosing to plan ahead, there are many reasons to do that but on of the most essential reasons is for estate planning purposes. Estate planning is an essential part of final expense planning. Should you  have a last will and testament? Or is a living trust whether revocable or irrevocable be better for you in your situation. That is when we seek the advice of a necessary evil….an attorney. While we lay the ground work for the estate we need a attorney for legal advice and to draw the necessary legal documents. Our goal is to ensure your assets pass to your beneficiaries with ease!

Most of our clients come from somewhere else and are not native Arizonians. Arizona is a transient state with a lot of implants from all over the country and from other parts of the world. Many come here to retire because of the beautiful climate and low cost of living compared to cities like New York, Boston or San Francisco etc. So what happens when one passes away? Was the last request to be buried or cremated? If we are going to be buried is it going to be in the state of origin or local?

Cost is the one most important factor to consider! As a footnote my aunt passed away in August 2014 on Long Island, she had owned her burial plot for 30 years, we had a modest funeral for her and it still cost 15 thousand dollars. Remember funeral costs are not regulated, and in your grief you may make costly decisions. Another aspect is to pre-pay funeral costs, and there are life insurance policies designed specifically for that purpose, and these arrangements can be made now, to insure peace of mind in the future. These policies are whole life policies designed for seniors which cost pennies on the dollar and eliminate the guesswork on who the responsibility falls on to make the final arrangements.

We all know is it an inevitable part of human nature to avoid experiences that are unpleasant, talking about death, and planning for it are perhaps on the top many peoples list to avoid, and putting off today with an attitude to ” I’ll do it tomorrow” can be unfortunate if tomorrow becomes today….get the picture!

So there you have it, one last thing, before we arrange for the inevitable one needs t protect what we have today or there wont be anything to pass on to our loved ones. Call our office today for an appointment to discuss how we can protect your assets today for your loved ones in the future.

You will be glad you did!          And remember our consultations are always free!

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