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Brexit – The King is Dead – Long Live the King

June 23d 2016 Britain Votes to Exit the European Union

Welcome to the Revolution !

Congrats to the citizens of Great Britain for taking back their sovereignty! The people of England have spoken to take back their country from the Elites, politicians, king makers and the powers that be. Those who would not listen to what their citizens were saying should wake up because the world is on the verge of change. The politicians who make decisions not in the best interest of their own country and people are only interested in keeping power and control over its people are the same ones who think they know whats best for us better than we do!

In our own country we have seen the emergence of Donald Trump the anti establishment candidate, whether you agree with him or disagree with him you have to say that he is nothing we have seen before running for the highest office in the land.

As i am writing this at midnight pacific time the world markets are crashing in response to the vote in Britain. Will this be the end of the European Union?…..In my opinion  I think so. The country’s that make up the European Union are as different as apples and oranges, language wise, economically and especially politically. From Democratic governments to socialist regimes, immigration has played a huge part in Britain’s vote.  As with all Europe allowing refugees from the Middle East, and Britain having no say in the immigration policy of its own country, with the decisions coming from the Elites in Brussels. The people have spoken!

The European Union has had virtually zero growth in nearly a generation, socialist country’s like Greece have stalled the European Economy with its mishandling of money and incompetency of its government, and Italy is banging on the same doorstep, and I predict more nations will follow.

Hold on, the markets are in for a wild ride in the near future, all I can say is its a buying opportunity! The markets will recover, they always have all i can guarantee is there will always be change, some for the better, some fro the worst, but one thing is for sure the political environment of the world is in turmoil, the people have had enough of being led around on a leash and being told what is good for them. Britain has awoken a sleeping giant……Welcome to the revolution.

Peter DeChristopher

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